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     "Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"

The Philosophy Behind



The study at university I began with the personal interest in the question: How can I enable a best-possible learning of my children? I read all reachable books about the theories of learning. As I didn't find neither a consistant theory about thinking and learning nor practicable solutions for everydaylife, I sat down and began to meditate about thinking and learning. 
What I found, was the hypothetical concept of location of thoughts, the brain (in reality, nobody knows, what this is, a thought, neither the location of thoughts. Some people are thinking, remembrance is gathered in the single cells around the whole body). 
So, I began to study the functions of brain. 
 The state of the art is, (not really changed since this time) that receptors in the perceptual organs send electrical impulses to their ending-nerve-cell in the  brain, by being stimulated by an outer stimulous, which is especially receptable for this receptor. There are special receptors for each of the five senses and such for the condition of a single muscle fibre, even as those for the conditions of most (not all) inner organs (these with 100.000 time more connections than the sense organs). Each nerve cell has about tenthousand endings, called synapses, which are each contacting to another nerve cell, some even back to the own nerve cell. If a single nerve cell gets impulses, it is loaded up like a condenser, and then suddenly, like a kind of explosion, gives impulses through each of the synapses. 
 As we have billion of cells in our brain, there are happening millions of these little "explosions" in each second of our life, this is "hypercomplexity". (And such a hypercomplexity is, in another way, the interconnection of billion of peoples all over the world) 
My conclusion: 
With each unique event the status of inner organs is associated to the irritation from outsides the body. 
("Irritation" is here the special term for the result of a stimulation of an ending-point of a single nerve fibre, given to the brain as electrical impulse to the end of this fibre, the nerve cell) 
The summary sentence: 
"Thinking is a simulation of former conditions of organs©" (©Rolf Reinhold 1971) 
That, what we call "feelings" is (in this way of thinking about this stuff) the summary of the actual signals of our organs. And there is no conscious access to this "feelings", they are signals of the unconscious mind (located in brain), which we can realize through awareness about the signals of our body. And we can use the knowledge about these "signals of the body" as a kind of "reduced perception of complexity". This is my concept of "intuition": Feeling, what our inner organs are signalizing. Intuition is the impulse to an action basing on the signals of the inner organs. 
This all sounds very technical and seems to be rather cold, but you can be sure, me is not, and i'm practising these thoughts and their logical inclusions with their specific practise-output since about thirty years. For sure too, i'm not very sentimental and my kind of being romantic is even a very silent one, exhaustion is seldom with me, and i'm very pragmatic and practical. But I think that I have a warm feeling insides for each being in this world. 

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