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Created at 98/09/06

"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"




We (or even most of us) are believing in the possibility of "exact decisions" and "exact plans". 
But if you have already read my pages "Simplicity And Complexity" and "Living Systems" you might understand that I can't believe in the exactness of any human action. And Chaos Theory tells us more about perpetual changes even in the big examples of exactness in physics. 

So why don't we take this idea for a better use of our own personal possibilities? 

"Intuition" I am calling "1st the inner messages about complex functions
and inter-activities of our environment, 2nd the inner impulse to do or
to let something without knowing why".
The main problem with those "messages and impulses" is that they are
like the advice of other people.
We don't know what's behind them: An atavistic impulse of flight or
aggression, a spontaneous impulse of avoidance or appetence etc.
What we want is to be these impulses useful for us.
But we don't know if they are useful for us as we don't know the origin
of them, as they are a part of our emotions.

The main thing in life - most of us, men more then women, have learned
in family, school and business - is to keep back emotions.

"Switch on your brain before opening your mouth" brought us to tricky
strategies and tactics in our human environment.
"Don't let the others see your emotions, they could use them as a weapon
against you" brought us on the way of ignoring our own emotions and of
defeating the emotions of others as "not to the point, not pertinent".

Some of us have learned the other way: "How do I know what I think
before I've heard what I have to say about this topic!"
Means: "Thoughts are coming to existence with talking!"
If someone has learned this "Switch-On-Brain" stuff he has to keep an
inner dialog for finding his thoughts about a topic, the more tricky,
the longer is the way.
So I say: "Intellect is a hobbling thing", slowly creeping the way the
emotions had run before.

If this would be right for you too,
EMOTIONS, to feel them, to find their origins in reality.

The first step on this way is to listen to the messages of your body, to
listen to the "bad feelings" which are localized in your organs.

"Bad feelings" as they give better advice than "god feelings", as bad
feelings are a result of experience.

It may inspire you for further questions or any kind of feedback which might inspire me to write new thoughts about it.

(is to be continued ...) 

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