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"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"

Steps Towards Future



If we start thinking about future steps, we at once will realize the step we are actually taking  is always a step in the present. 
A wise man in far east once told to some young men: "The difference between you and me is: While I am sitting, I sit. While I am standing, I stand. While I am going, I go. While you are sitting, you are already standing. While you are standing, you are already going. While you are going, you are alreaydy arrived."
So as we can't take an actual step in the future, we can act mentally the same way we do physically: looking ahead to where we're going and being present with all senses for the actual step. 
For the physical kind of steps it's evident that this step you take right now, seen from your "standing point (that point of contact with earth)" always is the first one however long the way may be. And so we can see it with all imaginary steps, each of them is the first one. 
The intellectual kind of steps have the disadvantage, that you mentally can jump as you want, but with beginning an successful action you have to do the logical first step. 
And if you don't realize, that after this step (like each other one) your point of view and the facts of your world have changed, you'll perhaps forget to look at the kind of changes this actual step brought to your world. 

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Last updated at 07 Nov 2007