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"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"




"PEPacceleration" was an idea I had in the early nineties. As one of the main subjects of my research was (and is) "Professionality as an attitude". I found out, that everybody can accelerate the process of evolution of the own professionality. So i called this train of thoughts "ProfessionalityEvolutionProcess(pep)acceleration". 
If we would call it "PersonalEvolutionProcessAcceleration" it would be nearly the same, as I think this kind of professionality I'm thinking about is a very personal one. 
On the page CONCEPTS  I've already said that evolution HAPPENS and we really can't make it happen. But we can create better conditions in ourselves for our personal evolution. 

E.g. ideals, attitudes, habits, theories and ideologies (you certainly don't have such) can disappear which are no longer necessary and/or senseful. 

The question is how we can decide, which of those fundamental parts of our mind are obvious useless, unnecessary and not fitting to future demands. 

The answer to this question everybody has to find for himself. I think it only can be found by looking up the personal value system and deciding which ideals shall exist there as the leading measures for attitudes, demeanors, habits, behavior and actions. 

The problem might be that our everyday-life normally doesn't seem to let us the space and the rest-room for deeper thoughts about our ideals etc. and we often don't realize how hard we are hurting them. But this hurting of our ideals is damaging our self-worth-feeling in a hard manner and brings us to reactions on other people's actions we deep in our mind can't accept. But we are a kind of driven to these reactions by our human environment as other people try to influence our actions. They like to tell us what and how we should act in certain situations. So we do have problems to decide which actions or reactions are really fitting to our personal value system. 

The best example for forced up actions are lies: 

From my point of view any lie makes the other one to a victim. The bad feelings which are the result of this insult of accepted rules (rule: I don't want ot be the victim of lies!) urgently need justifications and so we are masters of justifications with a bad conscience. And every time we are lying its another wound to our mind and another robbing of our own energy. 

Another example are those situations in which we can't come to a free decision as others are telling us what and how to do. 

(Is to be continued ...) 

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