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"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"




"SystemBuilding©" in that meaning we use it is at first a method for accellerating the inner development of individuals. You also can see it as a "tool for maintanance and careful attandance" of the ValueSystem of an individual. And second you can use it equally as a method and tool for the coordinated inner change in social systems as companies, firms and other institutions. 

It bases on the idea that every behaviour is an output of the individual ValueSystem. 

So the full name of this method would be "Own Value System Building" in which the word "building" has the meaning of "construction of" a consistant own value system which is to be cleaned fron non-fitting values. So you can work up your own ValueSystem to a easy-to-change guide of actions for the output of spontaneous AND consistant behaviour which enables optimized cooperation. 

Looking from the point of view of "Dynamic Systems Theory", you can see every being as a system (--> "Living Systems" and "Learning Systems"). 
The steering of actions (subject of cybenetics) is basing on the values of each system. 
 So from this point of view it's possible and might be senseful, if you want to build up a system, you would do it with a conscious election of values. 
 We think it's possible to do this equally with "single systems" as human beings are as with "social systems" as e.g. companies are. 
 The subject of SystemBuilding is the value-system as that part of the entire system, which is determinating all actions. 
A value-system only can be be in the head of a single being and each value-system of institutions also exists without exception in the heads of the single members. So if you want to develop the value-system of an institution, you will have to care for the evolution of values in the heads of it's members. 

You see SystemBuilding© is at first a thing of building up the personal value-system of individuals. 

If you were a leader of a company and would propagate "entrepreneurship", what kind of entrepreneur you would like to have joined your company? 
I'm sure you would prefer strong and individualistic people. But look around, which company prefers strong and individualistic people while propagating "entrepreneurship"? 

What kind of fear is it which lets leaders look for people who better can subordinate than being individualistic? 
For sure most people are believing they are very individualistic (especially men do it with the necessity of their self-worth-feeling), but this kind of individualism confines it self to pure externals. 

What kind of professionality (also have a look on PEPaccelleration©) is it which people shall practise who are depending on orders of others and fearing control of their bosses? 

How free can they think and act in their own area of business? Own area? Isn't it more the area of their boss? And his area the area of his boss and so on? 

At least only freelancers and other self employed people do have their own area of free thinking and acting in free coordination with others. 

Thea are making contracts with a partner and their work is running under the rules of partnership. And more and more of the stronger partners of self employed people know that they can't set these free (and individualistic!) under pressure. Because otherwise they would loose this partner for the future. 

In the business life of the U.S.A. there is growing a new movement (e.g. Peter Drucker) which is better to call a re-movement: Teams are not as efficient as one had thought in former days as they were invented, and now they call back the lonely fighters. 

In contrary to this idea I think a good working team is much more efficacious than the same number of lonely fighters. 
But what is a "good working team"? 
How we can create good working teams? 

What are the conditions for the evolution of a crowd of people to a good working team? 

What are your ideas for "good working teams"? Let's gather ideas and put it together! 
Please mail me if you have any idea to this issue and let's dicuss it. 

(is to be continued ...) 

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