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1. Simple-Thinking
2. Personal Value-System Development
3. Personal Evolution
4. System Evolution
5. Professionality Evolution Process Acceleration
6.Leading By Coaching
7. Language And Co-Meanings

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"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!"




As a full-professional well educated trainer (university), in the last twenty years I developed a concept for personal- evolution and basing on this several concepts for system- evolution, which are optimally fitting to business-life of the future, especially for companies and/or single persons with great interest in new futural chances for the inner evolution of their systems. 
Wherever there are people interested in new kinds of thinking and ways of working-together they can find my "helping to and taking part in succes" in a worldwide extraordinarily changing business-life. The concepts: 

1. Simple-Thinking
The core of life is "decision": "Whatever you do, it’s your decision, ... always! (© Rolf Reinhold 1996)", as there is nothing in the world, which is able to force us to actions we by ourselves don’t believe to be useful to us. Consequent acceptance of this fact on both sides will effect the best possible cooperation because it accepts participants of processes as partners with equal status. Efficiency of work will increase proportionally with the degree of freedom for own decisions, of freedom for the personal evolution of own individuality. Flat hierarchies, projectmanagement and integrated teamwork are first steps into this direction which with these concepts can find the logical following steps. 

2. Personal Value-System Development
Each individual has an both different and conform to others valuesystem, which is to be own-composed towards a personality fitting to future requirements (entrepreneurship) by working up former own experience to new sights. Not only the skills have to be changed, that part of personality which can be influenced has too. And those changes one only can make by own and free will. So the individual (from this point of view) has to decide, which values are consistant with the other personal values (and for sure with the increasing degree of individuality everybody does more and more!). 

3. Personal Evolution
Bases on the „Personal Value-System Development“. Evolution takes place where it has place by the own decisions of the individual. Evolution happens, can not be "developed", but develops itself in free spaces. 

4. System Evolution
System-development has to bring forth these indispensable free-spaces for the co-evolution of the individuals in and around the company (or any other social system). 

5. Professionality Evolution Process Acceleration (PEPacceleration ©Rolf Reinhold 1996): 
The core of system-evolution is "professionality" as the ability to do all business-affairs in the best-possible way. I understand "professionality" as a general ability and capacity like intelligence. 

6. Leading By Coaching (©Rolf Reinhold 1982): 
Is the only way, to find out always new best-possible ways. Each individual has to do his job by free own decisions in co-existence with the others and in the best possible way of co-operation. Coaching has to help about the hurdles in this way without instructions or doctrines about "the right way". (This point seems to be far-away-future!)

7. Language And Co-Meanings
Last not least, the crown for top-down evolution (object of my dissertation-design): The necessity of interpretation of terms as a system of interpretation-duty meanings and co-meanings. These co-meanings one seldom thinks or talks about nevertheless are always going on in the interpreting brain of the hearer. And they have a great influence to the output of actions. This is a hard way of thinking about the own thinking, but already many business-leaders don’t use certain terms as "not very senseful in the context of business" (e.g. military terms). 

(Is to be continued ...)

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