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"Whatever you do it's your decision, ... always!" for some people seems to be too simple, so simple that they would never think about it. Others can see the logic of reality behind it. Can you see the depth bihind this thought? 


The FitForFuture CoreConcept 

... bases on the assumption of the autonomy of each human being and that the personal ValueSystem is plastic with your own activities.

In the core of this concept there is the observation that there are differences between 1st event, 2nd the feeling of the emotions with this event and 3rd experience. 
But experience is not that what happens to you automatically after an event. 
Experience is the result of your work with your feelings about the event. 
And the automatical result of such "working up the emotional content of an event you have been taking part of" as experience is from this point of view is a certain but unrealizable change of your ValueSystem. 
Sometimes we can realize this kind of silent change if we would hear us say things like: " I'll never do this again as I have realized that ..." 
Working up the emotional content of events in our life is the method we use in our seminars and coachings. 

And if you join our seminars you'll see that there are many emotional contents in your brain waiting for being worked up to experience which will lead you to clear, consistent and logical decisions. 

If the result of one of this seminars or coachings is that you do know more about your values and for the future are able to think about and to modify them, then you can have a personality which is optimally able to unify with others without any fight. 

And this is (for sure from our point of view) the personality of the future which is able for getting clear with complexity and intensity of life: FitForFuture! 

(Is to be continued ...) 

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