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Co-Operation is the core of living together. Wherever human beings live or work together, they are forced to inter-act with another. Forced in so far as one can't "non-act". Smallest actions as for instance gestures, miming, sounds, moving, all these little things, we can't suppress. "One can not non-communicate", and communication is a kind of inter-action too. 
98/09/20: CoOperation has it's own conditions as there are a good working communication, high functionality in the conflict-culture, high social competences and unity in the points of action. 
The way to this goal "unity" I call "the process of unifying", unifying in the (original Latin) meaning of "producing unity". 
The obstacles and impediments in this way are very subtile and often hardly to realize. Most of them are "intra-personal" as selfish interests (peronal carreer), egotistic behaviour (earn the benefits alone), silent boycotts (let the others hang off) and constraints. 

(Is to be continued ...) 

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  Impressum © 1990-2010 Rolf Reinhold 
Last updated at 07 Nov 2007 

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