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    "Was auch immer Sie tun, 
es ist jedesmal Ihre eigene Entscheidung, ... ausnahmslos!"

Ego, The Center Of My World


Ego, the center of my world? 
I'm sure, some people are thinking now, this is written by one, who is egotistic, egocentric or egomanic. Not at all, it's written by me, and I am (from my own point of view) a "well known eoistic being". 
Egoism is defamed as "selfish", "opportunstic", a kind of "social insanity". 
But not at all it is anything of this. 
Everything, a human being is doing, in reality is egoistic: "Whatever Ido, Ido it for myself, only and always". Remember: "Whatever you do, it's your decision, ... always" says, every decision is made by your own. Why should anybody put a decision if it's not useful for himself? 
But for sure it depends of one's personal kind of ethos one has gathered with one's personal values which kind of decision one makes. 
Did you ever sit anywhere looking around and thinking about yourself and your being-in-the-world? 
Did you realize, your "Ego" (whatever this maybe) is always with you? Wherever you are this ego is always the center of your world! And thus for each other. A little poem from me (and think it's you yourself, who is speaking this): 

 i am 
the center 
of my world 
 i am 
 it's always 
i do 
 it's always 
who forever 
has to live 
with each of 
my decisons 
i am 
the center 
of my life 
i am 
the center 
of my world 
 if        i 
no more 
my world 
no more 

Maybe you disagree. But be sure, later on you will realize the sense of this thought sitting on a rock quite alone amidst a huge landscape. Or - best way to find it - laying in the gras and looking into the sky. 

(Is to be continued ...) 

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  Impressum © 1990-2010 Rolf Reinhold 
Last updated at 07 Nov 2007 

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